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With our built in application system, you apply to houses with just one click. Compared to sending a text on facebook which gives you no credibility other than how fast you text the home owner, landlord can now see all your past experiences and select perfect candidate with much higher precision.


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So What Does RentalHunt Offer ?

We noticed that people spend an awful amount of time everyday scouring through countless listings on various platfroms trying to find trustworthy rental units. Our functionalities are designed specifically to tackle the limitations of current standards in rental system.

Auto Apply

Auto Apply

Our engine automatically applies to all rental listings in your demographic area that maches your preference. Don't waste your time applying to individual listings again.

Group Apply

Group Apply

Just invite the people you'd like to live with to the platform and apply to listings as a group. Group applications save you time and the hasstle of acting as the middleman.

Free Cleaning

Free Cleaning

Who's got the time for cleaning when the exam session is around the corner? When you find housing using our platform, you can focus on the things that matter. T&C applies.

Own Your Data

Own Your Data

Our partnership with The @ Company enables you to control who can access your data and that permission can be revoked by you at any point in time.

IPFS Technology

IPFS Technology

Not only you can sign agreements and contracts right within the platform, but we're also taking it up a notch with element of ultimate privacy & protection. The decentralized database is immutable and eliminates room for discrepencies.

Anti-Scam Protection

Anti-Scam Protection

Identity thefts in the form of rental unit fraud are on the rise. We make sure that you only see listings that are verified from landlords. We go through every listing to make sure you are 100% protected.

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Rental Process Monitoring

Application System That Leaves Everyone Satisfied

RentalHunt is a complete package with all the solutions and guide you will need to successfully secure and maintain your house.

  • Communicate with your Landlord
  • Send and receive notices
  • Let them know about the repairs that need to be done

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Plan includes:
  • Everything in RentalHunt Lite Plan.
  • Unlimited Auto-Apply.
  • Unlimited Group-Apply.
  • Free Cleaning once a year.
  • Priority Customer Support & Customized AtSign account.

Frequently Ask Question

Our goal with this feature is to alleviate the stress, frustration and pain that comes from realizing that you’ve spent 3 hours a day looking for your next place to rent, which add up to almost 90 hours a month, which is over 11 working days!!! When Auto Apply is toggled on, as the name suggests, our advanced algorithm will automatically auto apply to every existing and upcoming listing within a specified demographic area that matches your preferred criteria with a click of a button

The Better Way to Rent

Uncertainty, Fake Listings, Lack Of Relevant Information, Slow, Boring And Repetitive Process Of Finding A Rental Is Making Us All Exhausted To Find Our Next Perfect Rental